I have a sheet which has all of the training details of people who work for us. Previously I have set an action every week to email people whose certificates have expired to remind them to send me their new certificates. I want to use the new automation function to do this for me, however I can't see how to trigger it...?! Currently it is triggered by date, but the weekly option is disabled if I try to select that on a new rule. Can anyone help...?



Hi Kirstine,

If I understand you correctly, you'd start the Workflow with another Trigger and then select Run Workflow: Weekly.

Please see attached screenshot.

Would that work?

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Andrée Starå

Workflow Consultant @ Get Done Consulting

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Hi Andrée, 

Thanks for this. Do you mean that I just use a trigger and then force it to 'activate' (by changing a cell for example), at which point it will just start running once a week from then on? 

I've figured this out myself now!!

Make the Trigger *When a date is reached* then use the *Run once* dropdown to chose *Custom*.

This takes you into a Custom Recurrence menu, where you can set the details of the reminder!