I'm trying to find a way to automate my Reports. I want to create a Report that uses an entire folder under Data. So that when I add a new sheet to that Folder the Report automatically updates and I don't have to modify the Report after every new sheet. Another automation I would like to do is create a site directory in Data. Then be able to select a site from the directory and create a project for that site from a saved project template.




Hi Melvin,

Unfortunately, it's not possible at the moment to select anything else but workspaces to keep the report updated, but it's a great idea!

Please submit an Enhancement Request when you have a moment.

Can you explain in more detail how you'd want the site directory process to work?

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Andrée Starå

Workflow Consultant @ Get Done Consulting

Hi Melvin

Can you Data Folder be turned into a Workspace?  If so, adding sheets to the workspace will update the report automatically. (as mentioned above by Andree)

Also, would our Smarter Project Initialiser work for your second request?  See link to a webpage / downloadable PDF explaining this feature:


Kind regards

​Debbie Sawyer Consultant & Training Manager