I have been banging my head on this. I need to set up a very simple trigger that when a cell is updated, a notification is sent about that row. I am using the "When Rows are Changed" trigger and defining my cell condition, and filters. I have also tried the "When Rows are added or changed" trigger with no success. I have yet to receive any notifications. I seem to only get notifications when I use the "When Rows are Added" trigger and add a new row. Those come through just fine.

I have boiled this down to a simple test  (see attached screenshot) - to send a notification when any cell is changed. I still get nothing. Are these triggers working for anyone?????



And I should mention that I am hitting the "save" button smiley.


Hi Devin,

How are your permissions set up? What change are you making on the sheet that should trigger the Automation?

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Andrée Starå

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At the moment, it is not shared - only I can view (I am still building the sheet out). But I am sending the notifications to myself so I wouldn't think it would matter. And again, I receive notifications when the trigger type is "new rows are added", but nothing else.

All kinds of changes. I have tried changing multiple cells of multiple data types - Changing dates, changing text, changing text boxes.

Have you tried checking your personal settings for notifications on changes you make to the sheets? Navigate to Usermenu > Personal Settings > Notificatiosn and make sure the box is checked for Include my changes in Sheet notifications. See screenshot for example. 


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Easy to miss!

I didn't think of it because you were getting notifications for new rows, but I suspect that you didn't add them yourself, right?




You're welcome. It's a common experience. I once fell victim to that checkbox myself. It drove me mad. But it makes sense for everything but the setup and testing of the functionality of alerts and reminders. laugh