I shared a report with a customer. When the customer opens the report it is blank. It doesnt show any of the data?

I tried sending a link to the report as well. Still nothing in the report.

The customer setup a username and password.

Im obviously missing something. Any ideas as to why the data doesnt show up in the report?

Does the customer have to have permission to view the actual sheets?

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Hi Steve,

Are they shared to the sheet(s)?

They have to be shared to the sheet(s) to be able to see anything in the report it, or you have to publish it.

Hope that helps!

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Andrée Starå

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If i share the sheets with them, they will have access to all of the info in the sheets? I dont necessarily want them to be able to see off of the info on the sheets. I created the report for them to be able to see only certain info from the sheets.

How do i only make certain information available to them? as opposed to all of the information?





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That's correct! You'd want to publish the report instead because then they don't need to be shared to the sheet. They will see the same information in the report as the person who published it.

Try publishing it and then open an incognito browser window or similar and view it there and if you see the same thing, then it's working.


Hope that helps!


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More info: https://help.smartsheet.com/articles/522078-publishing-smartsheet-items#publishreports

Shared report is appearing blank

Reports will appear as blank, or appear to have less information, when someone else looks at the report and they're not shared to the underlying sheets that the report is looking at. A report doesn't give access to sheets that haven't already been shared to someone (For more information see Share Sheets, Reports, and Dashboards).

If they don't need to edit data on the report, you can publish the report to display it in a read-only format. When published, the underlying sheets don't need to be shared for the data to be visible on the published version (See Publish a Report).