I have conditional formatting in the sheet based off of this [Hrs Over SLA] column. The conditional formatting is correct in the sheet but incorrect in the reports for only some rows (see circled for example, where -67 is highlighted on some rows but not in others)


How does one resolve this issue?


Are there any other conditional formatting rules set up?

If so check the order as the Rules work in order and a higher rated rule may be overriding the one that you are expecting.


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Thanks James. There are additional cond. formatting rules set up but none that would affect that column. 


The conditional formatting is correct on the sheet but in the report (pictured) it is incorrect


Try opening the source sheet and saving it again, then open your report back up.

If that doesn't work, reach out to our Support team as this might be a backend issue with the reporting functionality.


Did this resolved?

I have had Report format issues like this in the past, but did not track it to Conditional Formatting.