We have a number of User Groups.. some users overlap groups, as many of us wear a few hats. I'd like to build reports that run through the "ZZZ Workgroup" and look for lines that are assigned to anyone in "Group AAA." Perhaps also reports that pertain to "Group BBB" and "Group CCC"

Yes, I could select each person in the contact list individually. However, as groups change/add members over time, I don't want to run through a mess of reports looking for John Smith.

If picking the contacts one-by-one is the only answer, I don't believe Global Update would do what I want, nor would find/replace.

Perhaps this would be an enhancement, as I can't find anything in the documentation about this.


What about building out a table of each employee and which group(s) they belong to? You could then use an INDEX/MATCH to pull that data onto the sheets which in turn will allow you to run your report based off of the group names as opposed to the individual names and using an INDEX/MATCH provides much needed flexibility for an ever changing list.


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Hi Ezra & Paul,

I was thinking the same thing, and it sounds like that should work perfectly.

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Andrée Starå

Workflow Consultant @ Get Done Consulting

Yes, Paul has the only solution I see that will work currently. Maybe the devs will add group functionality to the contact fields eventually.