Is it possible to change the formatting options on the calendar.

When I print the calendar to PDF, the calendar days are light grey and can be hard to see for some employees.  Am I able to adjust the colors, backgrounds, etc. of the calendar view?






Ian, you can change the colors for non-parent row tasks in your calendar by right clicking on them and selecting Color Settings. You could also use conditional formatting to automatically change the color based on a given criteria. 


There isn’t a way at this time to add a background color or to change the colors for the calendar itself (grid/dates/etc)

can I change the date format?  ie: not use american date format?  Instead I want dd/mm/year not mm/dd/year

You can change your date format by going to Account > Personal Settings > Profile > Language (Country). Select your country and whichever date format is used in that country, will be applied to your sheets. 

I have not found a way to do conditional formatting in calendar view to "automatically" change the color based on a criteria.  When I tried it, it changed the sheet but not the calendar bar.