Is there a way to see the "calendar view" on an iPad? It looks like there is only grid, list and gantt view. We have a gantt chart we are trying to use to manage projects but our tech in the field need to to able to see the projects on a calendar on their tablets from the field.


We can sync with iCal but then the colors of each job don't come over. They are all one color.


This is a big dissapointment.



That feature is definitely coming to the iPad app, but isn't there yet.  We'll get there as soon as wel can, though!  One potential workaround is to set up a recurring Send Sheet task from the calendar view.  This will send a PDF of the calendar that your field tech can use, but of course he / she would have to go back into the app to execute the tasks. As I say, we'll get it built as quickly as we can! 

You could also publish your Smartsheet to Google calendar.  That way you can down load the google calendar app and view it that way.  You can also edit the SS from Google Calendar. 

When you publish to the Goggle calendar does it bring the colors from conditional formatting with it? That was the problem with publishing to iCal. It doesn't bring the colors over.

No but you can set your own colors in Google calendar.

Once you download the calendar from SS to Outlook via the iCal option, does it live feed? Or do you need to download it each time that a change is made to the calendar?

Claire - the calendar will update when you make changes to your sheet. This is a "pull" update so it will update based on Outlook's refresh interval settings but typically these are set to refresh every 15-30 minutes. 

Wonderful! Thanks so much Travis!

How far away is the calendar view in iPad?



I would like to add a vote in for this feature as well.

I also add my vote for this feature. Very helpfull if it should work!!! We use calendar view as main view for our users to see what they have to do.

Here is some information that I was able to find out:


Because of a quirk in the way Smartsheet works, you will need to view the report in Calendar view on the desktop and save.  After doing that, it'll open in calendar view in mobile just fine. 

That's correct - if you just open the sheet in calendar view on the desktop and save it will then work on mobile.  Smartsheet just needs to figure out which columns in the sheet to use for dates.  It will choose defaults from the desktop when you open the sheet, and if you'd like you can modify them with the Settings icon from the toolbar.