Hi All,

I might be missing something, but I want my reoccurring update requests to automatically stop sending when the activity they relate too reaches completion.

Anybody know how to do this?

Appreciate any guidance you can give me.



Hi Mike, It would be helpful if we knew how you set up the recurring update. Did you do it through the alerts and notifications or did you do it through the row options? 

Hi Mike,

I haven't had time to test this out but maybe it would work with the new lock row functionality.

Set a rule that when it's 100% lock the row and that will probably stop the update request because nothing can be changed anymore. 

I hope this helps you!


Andrée Starå - Workflow Consultant / Get Done


Hi Mikey,

If you're using an automatic update request, try adding a condition to your rule that will only send the update request when % complete is < 1 (which means less than 100%, as percentages are treated as decimal values in Smartsheet).

Hi Shane,

This is a great idea but, I don't see anywhere that I could enter a rule.  I can set a reoccurring update request for weekly and for Monday and for a given time.  But, I don't see where there is an option to add a condition or rule.  


Hi Shane,


I think that I would need to upgrade to automated actions to be able to do what you suggest and add a rule or condition.  I'll have to investigate the associated cost to see if it is worth it.  

Thanks again,