Love Card View!  I can definitely see using it.  My issue is that I do almost all of my viewing in Reports as opposed to Sheets because I work across many sheets for my work, consildated into Report views.  I know there might be complications to implementing this, for example when a sheet included in report does not have a given column, but it seems there could be a way to deal with that. For example, putting rows/cards into the Uncategorized column, and not allowing drag & drop from the column.  I can understand why you did include Reports in the initial release.  Please put my vote in for this enhancement.





P.S. You might want to add "Card View" to the Functionality checkbox list when starting a new discussion, as there are checkbox for some of the other types of views: Calendar, Gantt Charts, Sights (but not Grid View).


Agreed about adding to reports, I don't see a big use for card view only at the sheet level in my current environment.

Hi Stan and Ian-- Thanks for this feedback! I've added your vote to support the Card View in Reports to our enhancement request list. We're planning to release a number of enhancements to Card View in the coming months, so this input will really help our Development team prioritize features. 


Stan, I've also reached out to Community developers and asked them to add Card View as a new tag option--great catch!

I want to add my vote to this! Having cards in reports is the way I udnerstand the right way to get Cards in Sight as well.

Hi Jørgen-- Thanks for this feedback! I've added your votes to support Card View in Reports and in Sights as well. 

Is there any chance of knowing a timeline for this development. This is something we desperately need to make our process more managable within Smartsheet. If this is over a year then we can look at restructuring our sheets to make it work, if sooner then we can wait.



Please add my vote for Card View in Reports. I was super excited about Card View until I realized that I can't have multiple views (i.e., one for each team that may have tasks on an underlying full task sheet). Please, please, please!

Hi Chris-- I'm not able to provide a timeline on this right now. Our Card View is in the process of prioritizing improvements and starting to release new features in the View, so it could come out as soon as the next few months or it could take longer. I'll update this thread as soon as I have confirmation that it's been released and I've added your vote (and Sarah's vote as well) to support it to our enhancement request list.



Card view in reports would effectively let us eliminate Trello (though I love it so) from our workflow and operate wholly within Smartsheet from a workflow and resources perspective.

Please add my vote.  Card view in reports is the improvement I am looking for. 

Is there an update on the time line? 



I see this has moved into development. Any ETA? would love card view for Reports so that can be added to Sights.

I agree, This would eliminate Trello and make our process work smoothly. Thank you for your continued work to make our lives easier!

We are using the card view in sheets but also use reports more than the sheets and would love the card view.  Please add my vote.

What is the enhancement request link to +1 this? I am working on some updates and this would be a hugely beneficial feature. 


Hi Guys,

I've commented on this previously with the hope that this might be something on the horizon but I wanted to share some thoughts that I can only hope inspire you to develop this feature sooner rather than later.

I work with a global agency that has a large number of licences for Smartsheet. We use it for project and resource planning across multiple projects. We plan tasks at the client level and use reports to allow everyone to see what they should be doing for the next couple of weeks. The tool is good for quickly planning out activities at a client level and is easier to use than things like Jira for this purpose. The major problem we face is staff hate the interface. No-one wants to use a spreadsheet for their task management. 

At the client level this is fine, because you've developed the card view (great work BTW). However at the employee level they have to go into reports and deal with a disgustingly long and unattractive spreadsheet. As a result most of our staff use systems like Trello for their project management, leaving gaps in information on our projects. This is a big problem.

It strikes me that Smartsheet is tantalisingly close to being a real competitor to the likes of Jira, Trello and a number of other project management tools. At the moment though it's just incredibly frustrating for our staff and has left them with a bad taste in their mouth. People literally groan when you tell them to update their Smartsheet.

I'm asking for card view in reports because it will help us be more effective. But you should want to develop card view in reports because it will make Smartsheet a truly awesome tool that competes with the biggest names in task management.


Hi Kennedy, Do you have any updates on whether card view will be added to the reports or not? This would be much more useful at the report level than the sheet level.

We are looking at making the transition to Smartsheet for our PM planning software, however, I agree with all of the posts above that a majority of our employees will need to see/manage their tasks via reports as they work on multiple projects. A card view in reports will be crucial in adoption across our company.

Can you give an ETA on when this may be possible?

Please please please laugh

My 1000 votes for Card View in the Reports.

Reports are best way to have several different views (vertical or horizontal) of some master data sheet... But as its doesn't have Card View, so I cannot share use this approach at present. 


Agree with all here. We are planning to migrate project work to SS and found the card view feature could be very useful in a few scenarios where I want to only share report but not the sheet. Please let us know your timeline for this.


Hi all,

Smartsheet mentioned during Engage that functionality like this is coming for reports.

Have a fantastic weekend!


Andrée Starå

Workflow Consultant @ Get Done Consulting