I know the Card View is a new function so certainly not wanting to sound negative but are there plans to allow the Contact Column to be used in card view to show all tasks listed under a person? I know there would probably be workarounds but would think intergrated support for this would be better than a work around. 



Hi Daniel-- Great question! We didn't intially include Contact List-type columns as a type of column that can be used in Card View as a "View By" column because there is a limit to the number of values that can be used as Column/Lane headers in the Card View--at this time, up to 50 values can be used. Since there currently isn't a limit on the number of unique values you can have in a Contact List-type column, you can see how it would be challenging to enforce the 50 value limit when there could be far more than 50 unique values in a Contact List-type column!


I know this is something our Development team is considering for a future release and I've added your vote for it to our enhancement request list. Thanks for the input!

Please add me too Kennedy. That was the first thing my manager asked about.


Add mine too. Also being able to view by date would be helpful

Hi, same request from my side to add "contact list-type" for "assigned to" as "view by"functionality. Especially when you have resource management enabled you are forced to use the contactlist for the assigned to column.

Add my vote, too.

I have a quick work around for the resource piece. Like every other work around it's not really pretty but it works.

Add a column to your spreadsheet, I called mine Card View Resources. I set it up as a Dropdown list, I did not add any of my contacts to the list. Then I put the following formula in that field like this

=[Assigned To]3. This automatically adds the resource name to the dropdown list and displays it in the field.

Then in card view that field is used as an available view.


UPDATE - You do need to add the names to the new dropdown list (Card View Resources) to make the cards work.


Heidi - To clarify, you were not able to get the =[Assigned To]3 technique to work, right?  You needed to manually add all of the sources to the Car View Resources dropdown list, right?





Hi Stan,

That is correct. If you don't add them, when you're in Card View, it doesn't see a list in the column so it didn't sort. It would be nice if the formula did actually add them to the list, That would be really, really nice actually. Then it would just be a matter of setting up the column and formula to have what we need.

Thank God I only have a handful for resources. Good Luck!

Hi Stan,

I want to be more clear about that, the formula does work in adding the resource to that column. What didn't work was the sorting in Card View because the formulas do not add the resources to the list in the dropdown. So I added the names to the dropdown list to get the sorting in Card View.  Once that is set up, everything works by just entering your resources as normal and the other will automatically populate.

hi heidi, i tried the same thing you described and it works. Be aware that the formula is overwritten as soom as you move a card from one "assigned to copy" to another. so you Will have to update the formulas Once you do that. 

Hi Thijs,

Cool, thanks for the information regarding the formula going away. I was so excited to get something to work that I didn't even look at that yet.

Hi Kennedy thanks for the response and good to see this is a requested function from the wider community.


Heidi that work around was the immediate go to option which then identiefied the formula over-writting issues after sorting.


The other option you have is to convert the contact list column to a drop down menu, it automatically adds all contacts to the drop down menu to save you cutting and pasting, however once you have done whatever you need to do in card view you cannot convert that column back to a contact list as it does not automatically match back up with a contact's email address. Does anyone know how to automatically match that email address back? 

Thanks the details and clarification Heidi.  Very helpful. Smile

Just read what Thijs Luttikhold found and tried it out.  It makes sense why the update does not go the other way - back from Resource for Card View column to the Assigned To column.  Still, it's a bummer.  I guess we need to await the enhancement for it to really work as one would want.  -Stan

Hi everyone-- I've logged your votes for this feature in our enhancement request list. Our Card View PM, Robin, has informed me that we will be rolling out a number of enhancements to the Card View in the coming months, so it's really valuable to have your feedback to help us prioritize development. Thank you for your input!

Hi Galen-- Added! Thanks for your input :)

Add my vote to Daniel's request, too, please. Thank you!

One more vote for this :-)

Hi Anders-- I've added your vote! Thank you!

A big +1 for this  - since I went to use card view for the first time and couldnt do what i wanted! Smile

Hi Jamison-- This is something our Card View team is working on for a future update! :)

I'm sure everyone on this thread already knows this, but we shipped support for contacts in card view in Febuary. If you are an admin on the sheet you can setup a contact list just like a dropdown now. These options will drive the lanes in cardview. Let us know what you think!