Hi all,

I have a question and/or suggestion regarding cell linking. I have a master sheet that needs to pull cell links from multiple sheets which have very specific parameters. The sheets that we are pulling the cell links from all contain vast amounts of data, so we've created a report to pull the specific data that we need. However, there doesn't seem to be a way to cell link from the report to our master smartsheet. This would be of great use to us instead of having to hand-pick the specific rows we want from each sheet to link into the master.


Any chance this could be implemented, or does anyone have a workaround? Our master sheet cannot be a report or I would have done so.



Good question, Jaye! There is not a way to cell link from reports (just to and from sheets) but I will submit this request to our enhancement request list and it will be considered for future development. 



Thanks Travis, it would ve very helpful for our team! The current cell linking process is powerful, but cumbersome when having to link many things at once - we do this a few times a month; on a daily basis we only need to find one or two cells which of course doesn't take much time.

Thank you again, we love Smartsheet!

Please add my vote to enhancement/bug fixing request for this. 

Glad to hear we're not the only ones :) Would still love this to be implemented in the future. We've also discovered that it will help us when working with business partners who do not use the same template or column structure as our sheets. If we could cell link from a report, the report could pull the data we need and be organized in the structure that we prefer, then the whole row linked instead of having to link individual cells over and over and over again. :)

+1 here.


Reports don't allow formulas, so I either have to do a LOAD of non-continuous cell linking, or I have to hide my formulas in cells on the master sheet.  Problem is, that the master sheet is what everyone subscribes to for their daily notifications, and notifications do not respect hidden columns so formulas and calculations make it into the daily emails because the formulas recalculate with every change.


Sure would be good to be able to extract things using a report, and then link the report to another sheet where I could do my calculations outside of the master sheet.  This would also make my notifications MUCH more readable.

Yes, please allow us the ability to link from a report. 

+1 here.

+1 here too..


I've got almost the same situation..

1. need to get linked from report... OR

2. need to get the copycat sheet (automatically update ALL).



We are in the same position - being able to cell link from a report would provide great efficiencies and certainty of accuracy of information for our business. Has any progress been made on this, 

+ 1 here! I guess no plans to do this as the original post is from 2015?

+1 here as well! Insane that this has been an ongoing issue for 3 years with no answer as to when/if it will be implemented!

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You know...

Lack of visible attention to old issues is a common thread here.  SS has historically been pretty good with at least participating in the posts - but I think there must be something wrong with the way their system handles updates to "old" items.  

The moderators change every other year or so, and this may be why the new ones don't see it.  They were never 'attached or subscribed' to the existing ones.

Not trying to give them excuses - as they still have many open items on my bug-list - but it may be an indication of a systemic problem with their forum review process, and not an intentional oblivion.

Check the top-10 most commented on forum entries... 90% are still open for 2+ years, and most have not seen a moderator comment in many moons.

Would love this feature! I have to cell link manually it takes so long!

I would also very much like to see this feature

this seems to have fallen off their radar.

I too would love to see this functionality.

It would be great to have a feature to link from reports to a sheet so that we can continue with data calculations after a report curates the info from multiple sheets.

For example,  A report filters out relevant data and pulls that data from Sheets 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5... Thereafter, key info from the report can then be linked to a sheet for more calculations. 

This allows for just a subset of info to be pulled from sheets for further calculation without linking a large number of sheets manually. 

I did not see anything about this at Engage 2018. 

I would like this feature too as well as the ability to use vlookup to pull from reports.

I need this feature as well.  Its been 3 years, please work on this instead of tool tips on columns. 

Original poster back again - we would really love this feature. Especially with the new update, "Paste Special" with cell link is moderately useless because of the tab feature. We can't copy + paste special from one tab to the other - have to copy from one sheet, navigate to the next sheet within the same tab then copy. Anything that can make our lives easier is, I think, the best thing Smartsheet can do!

+1 from my side as well...

I have many sheets that contain actions. I have a report that consolidates all these actions in one place. I would then like to make a sprint plan where it is much easy to filter from a report instead of going to different sheets and individually linking cells of actions that need to be brought into this week's sprint plan.

This feature will enhance utility of Smartsheet.

Hi, can't believe it's still not possible to create links from a report, any updates ? 

+1 on this. I also need to link a sheet to a report that has curated information.

Hi everyone—

Appreciate your passion for this feature! Please submit your feedback through the Product Enhancement Request form, located under Quick links on the right of the community site.

Thank you