Hello Everyone.

The projects I handle are the same each time in terms of the tasks to carry out. but they can differ in duration based on the  'size' of the work...

I am using a standard sheet template which I also use to forecast, 

I would like to change the 'duration' of a set of tasks based on a dropdown that would return 'Small', 'Medium' and 'Large' so that I can maintain one template.

It would seem that I cannot put a formula inside the duration column... is there a formula that I could use that could add / update / insert the correct duration based on the condition found in the dropdown?




HI, I think your options here are fairly limited.  eg:-

1) Use 3 different templates


2) Have the 3 different variants of project task durations stored in seperate columns which can be quickly copied across when you initiate the project.


3) Employ a small app that uses the Smartsheet API to mechanise the approach. eg a desktop form that appears where you enter the name of the new project, the variant (ie which of the 3 types) and any other attributes eg folder/workspace name.  At the click of a button the new Smartsheet would be created with the appropriate durations.


Thanks for those suggestions Mick and taking the time to consider my request.

I don't think I have the time or inclination to create an app to trump option 2 ;-) Its a shame that the Smartsheet form is not yet flexible enough to insert into specific cells, otherwise that might have been an option for the type of solution you describe.