We have at last now got the ability to as a Description ToolTip call it what you want.  Pity it is not picked up automatically as the Default (Editable) Help Tip in the Forms.


Hello James,

I’m glad to hear you’re a fan of the new column description feature. Our product team would love to hear your feedback. Please feel free to submit this feedback directly using the Product Enhancement Request form (you’ll find a link to this here in Community under Quick links on the right).

Is it possible to export to Excel and retain the column descriptions?

Agreed!  This is one Smartsheet update that I like wholeheartedly. 

Hurrah for column descriptions. Any plans to make them available on reports and dashboards - this is where we need them most. At the moment we have a separate file with a key to describe columns.

The column description option is grayed out in reports. What are the criteria to make this option accessible?