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We have an Enterprise license and have set up SAML2 SSO with a CNAME per the instructions at:

My users are able to go to my CNAME address (e.g. and automatically log in which is what we want.

However, when a user shares a link to another user in our organization, the link does not come as: but rather comes in as

which requires the user to click "Your Company Account" to log in.

Is there a way that a link that is shared within the app automatically logs the user in without having to click an additional button every time a new browser is opened?  If not, what is the main purpose of the CNAME?  Just the initial login?


  • AlejandraAlejandra Employee
    edited 01/29/19


    The purpose of creating a CNAME is to customize a company specific URL for logging in. At this time we don’t have the functionality to generate sheet links with a CNAME that would allow users to view Smartsheet items without logging in, but this would be a great opportunity to submit a Product Enhancement Request.

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