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  • i Brian,


    Will it be possible to create some report based on Proof acknowledgement missing. E.g, sending proof acknowledgment request to 3 of my team member and having an automatic report created highlighting that one is missing with the name of the people in change ?

    Thank you,


  • AstazioAstazio ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi Brian,

    Any idea when proofing in row reports may go live? Our graphic designers also used a report to access new projects and the only area they are not able to access is the Proofing section.



  • Looking for an update on Proofing Functionality in Reports.  Do we know when this will be available?


  • shdilshdil ✭✭✭✭✭

    @BrianBosché do you have an update on proofing in reports? We're looking for this functionality partnered with automated workflows to optimize our processes as well.

  • @BrianBosché My team is also looking forward to seeing the proofing columns in reports. We use reports exclusively to communicate with internal and external stakeholders in order to clearly display data relevant to them.

  • Geoff BakerGeoff Baker ✭✭✭✭✭

    Any updates on Proofing reports? Timelines Etc.

    Without the ability to report on it the functionality is very limited.

    Is there any way to display the approval date and the approver in columns that are visible on the sheet level?


    Geoff Baker

  • Hi @Geoff Baker ,

    There are two separate features here that we are working on:

    1. Accessing and managing Proofs in a Report. I don't have an estimate on when this will be released, but it is high on our priority list.
    2. Being able to build Reports with Proofing data, like approval dates and approvers. I don't have an estimate on when this will be released either, but it is also high on our priority list.

    I wish I could give better timelines here, but these are both being worked on and high priorities for the team!



  • Geoff BakerGeoff Baker ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi Brian, my situation is we are a Modular Buildings Manufacturer with offices in Canada and Mainland China.

    We are setting up an Submittal approval system for specific products. Each product needs 3 seperate approvals. One in Canada and 2 in China.


    1) The Procurement Assistant uploads the PROOF document and notifies 3 department heads that there is a document to approve: Division Procurement Manager / Design Coordination Manager / Design Coordination Manager

    2) Once each manager logs in and approves the PROOF their corresponding Approval Status Column would be updated to APPROVED.

    3) Then Report on that data.

    This is a critical part of our Smartsheet roll out plan

  • Robin AllenRobin Allen ✭✭✭✭✭

    This functionality really needs to be fixed for creative teams who operate off of reports and do not like to use the grid etc. we have dashboards for each designer and they can't execute work if they can't see the proofs. Happy to discuss more if you like.

  • @Nicholas Bazinet I don't have a timeline on releases here yet, but I will keep everyone updated! This is still a priority for us.

  • Hi Brian,

    I desperately need this function working. Your last update was October 2020. Are you closer to announcing when it will be released?



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