Is there a way to force a Dynamic View logout when the session ends?

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Currently, it is possible to be logged in Smartsheet and Dynamic View under two different accounts, simultaneously, on the same machine. Unless a user explicitly logs out of Dynamic View or clears the browser cache, the next time Dynamic View is opened, the previous session is resumed.

This presents a problem for shared machines. An unauthorized user opening a previous Dynamic View session without even logging into Smartsheet. Secondly, an authorized user may click a link to a Dynamic View, expecting to see their views, but when called, Dynamic View will resume the prior session.

Is there any way to prevent this behavior?




  • Mary_AMary_A ✭✭

    @tcalvey Are users sharing the physical machines under the same authentication? One way to prevent this would be to have user accounts on the machine. When Tom is done, he logs out of the machine. When Sally comes to use the machine, she logs in using her account, and then opens a browser to work with Smartsheet.

    In this way, the machine is maintaining profiles for both users. They won't cross sessions on a browser or any other app they are using.

  • @Mary_A Thanks for the reply/suggestion. While I agree with you, we are sharing a generic authentication on a select few machines. (ie. Conference Room machines). That policy isn't ideal for us, in this case. It would be a larger problem to have users forget to log out of these machines.


  • Mary_AMary_A ✭✭

    @tcalvey Most machines can enforce a screen lock after a certain period of time. Getting back in would require the previous user to authenticate or to restart the machine. That would solve your users forget to logout.

    Your question has come up in the past on the forum. There, they suggested if your company is using SSO you may be able to set an expiration there.

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