Quick Tips for using the Smartsheet Online Community

12/11/19 Edited 10/04/20

Search before you post: Before you create a new post, use the search box to see if your question is already out there—someone may have already answered it.

Ask: Ask questions about the product, features, best practices, industries, integrations, workarounds, and anything else related to the work you want to do with Smartsheet.

Be descriptive: Include screen shots and as many details as you can when asking questions or providing an answer. The more details you provide, the better the online Community will be able to help you.

Answer: Browse the online Community and help other users by providing solutions and suggestions to their questions. You can mark answers as Insightful if you find them helpful.

Earn points: Earn points and badges by participating. For example, you can earn badges by creating new discussions, commenting on discussions, or @mentioning other users, and you can earn points by posting an answer that gets marked as an accepted answer, or having your post marked as Insightful.

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  • EzraEzra ✭✭

    Would it be possible to add .mp4 or .mov to the list of attachment extensions? It would make it easier to share small screen-capture videos.

  • Hi @Ezra ,

    Thanks for your feedback! I'll pass this request along.

    You could host the video file in a different location and then provide a link to it (such as a private YouTube link).

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