Getting countif to work between sheets

I can not get the countif function to work between 2 separate sheets. One of the sheets is my metrics for the pipeline. I want to get a count of how many times a name(account holder) is used on the pipeline and I keep getting the error unparseable or incorrect argument. I try linking the sheets and get the same errors. I am pretty new to smartsheets so any help would be greatly appreciated. Is there a general formula to use, as the ones I have found are not working.

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  • Krystal Vaughn
    edited 08/31/20

    I have this formula but it is not counting the ones where theres 2 names in one cell from a drop down list

    =COUNTIF({MSS Sheet - Sales Pipeline Range 2}, {MSS Account Owner})

  • RossL
    RossL ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    @Krystal Vaughn

    is the MSS Account Owner column on the metrics sheet that you want the count to show up on?

    if it is your formula should be

    COUNTIF({MSS Sheet - Sales Pipeline Range 2}, [MSS Account Owner]@row).

  • @RossL Thank you so much! That worked! where do I put CONTAINS at, as I have a drop down list and some cells with more that one person and I want to make sure they are all counted.

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