Form Responses: Tips & Tricks


Welcome to the Nonprofit Community Group and thank you to those of you who filled out this form to let us know what you’re looking to gain from this group! The type of post with the highest number of requests was for Smartsheet Tips & Tricks, as well as other customer stories!

With that… I encourage you all to share any tips & tricks you’ve learned along your Smartsheet journey! 

And I can start: Grouping and Summary for Reports! Groups finally allow you to create a single report that will do the job of many. With Summarizing, you can run analysis directly in a report with a range of functions. Learn more about Grouping and Summary for reports here.


  • Lea GikasLea Gikas Employee

    One tip that I rely on when I'm on the go is Card View on the Smartsheet mobile app! On the Events Team, we use Card View as our checklist when we're onsite at an event (just need to add a "done" checkbox column on the sheet). However, it can really be used for anytime you're out and about. I've even used this for my Costco list.

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