Report bug: save as new and change filter to on current user = blank report

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I've noticed a couple of times where if I take an existing report, 'save as new' and then change a filter to 'current user' in a contact list column, the report is blank.

Whereas, if I create a new report and setup it up exactly the same way (columns and filters) then the report is populated as expected.


  • Bassam KhalilBassam Khalil ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi @joechap 

    Hope you are fine, please check the ( save as new ) share permissions of the users.

    Best Regards

    Bassam.M Khalil

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  • Thanks, @Bassam Khalil .

    Not sure how permissions come in to play as I'm the owner of both reports and they both sit in a space I am the owner of.

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