API - DELETE by rowid met with an unauthorized error

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Hi there,

I've developed logic/code that will delete records based on a date using the rowid. Unfortunately, the delete call does not work when executed from my bi server using Pentaho.

I am able to successfully delete when using Postman (from the bi server) so I can prove my authentication and call are "correct." Any ideas?

a portion of the api call below:



met with error code on when pentaho:

"You are not authorized to perform this action"


  • Hi @Allan Sidley

    Since the call works from Postman but not Pentaho, then it sounds like the issue is with your setup in Pentaho versus something with the Smartsheet API.

    The error message would seem to indicate that either your authentication is not setup correctly in Pentaho or the account you're using for authentication in Pentaho doesn't have the right permission level to delete a row in Smartsheet (for example, Viewer permissions on the sheet, or no access to the sheet at all).

    If this hasn't helped, you may want to post in the Pentaho Community instead.



  • Thanks @Genevieve P

    The odd thing is I can add records from Pentaho using the Smartsheet API, so it seems like deletion is exclusively the problem here. I'll follow up with that community.

  • Hi @Allan Sidley

    That is odd; are you able to update rows?

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