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I have a process that is initiated with a sheet form in order to gather Lookup Data that is then carried into the Dynamic View. After submitting the form, the form submission takes them to the Dynamic View landing page. Is there a way to have an Active URL that is specific for the row they just created so that the user is going directly into the row just created?

Or, as a workaround, is there a way to add a text box, banner, etc on the landing page as a way to provide instruction to that 1st time DV user? My dynamic view is theoretically open to anyone in my organization making user training difficult to maintain. (hey Smartsheet, how about an option in view set-up to turn on a link to one of your instructional clips?)




  • Hi Kelly - this is a great opportunity for you to leverage WorkApps. With WorkApps, you could place your form and the DV as pages in the workapp, and then also build a dashboard or add your own slides as pages in the WorkApp with instructions, POCs, etc on how the process works. I recommend taking a look at the video in this help article to see how in just a few minutes you could deploy this out to your organization.

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    Thanks @Travis Vozka ,

    It's my understanding that unlicensed users cannot use WorkApps without an additional cost to the organization. Your idea is a terrific one, however if my understanding of unlicensed users is true, unfortunately this is not an option we're exploring at this time.

    Help Text, like that found in the Form Header section, alternatively might solve the new user problem. Having an active URL to the row would be even more advantageous as it helps even an experienced user efficiently find their row and complete their data entry. I will assume this functionality is not currently available?

    I truly appreciate you taking the time above in your idea and answer.


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