Printing Grouped Reports

I have a report that i have used the new grouping function on and i'm wanting to print it with the group headings but each time i print as pdf or export it only shows the standard cells, without the group headings, is this correct or is there something i'm missing?



  • Aravind GP
    Aravind GP ✭✭✭


    Grouping and Summary are only available on report view currently. Even adding a report that has groups in the Dashboard shows only the standard grid view of the report without the groups. This will probably be added in the next feature roll out.



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  • Bassam Khalil
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    Dear @GWaite WD @Sean Jordan @Mike Rogers @Dan Miller @Luke Jenks @J.H.W.

    Please share with me to submit Smartsheet Product Enhancement Requests In order to speed up the appearance of this update

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  • I also would love to be able to print the report as it appears on screen.

    I figure the more people that can comment on something like this, the better off we are!

    Happy Smartsheeting

  • Any update on this? I've already submitted an enhancement request on this in the past. Is there any way to get an ETA on it or see a list of enhancements that are in the pipeline?

  • I just found out from this group that it cannot be printed or exported in any way. That's too bad. Hope to get this feature soon.

  • Richard Heath
    Richard Heath ✭✭✭✭✭

    Another vote for this too. Still waiting for this critical update for our business.

  • Agree this is a must have for our external communication and clients. Several have asked that we revert back to Excel until the report print has a better visual. What is eta?

  • Taylor Ray
    Taylor Ray ✭✭✭✭✭

    +1 on this, we are scheduling ~20 technicians on a daily basis and want to provide them a paper copy of the report for reference in the field, it would be better if we could print with grouping functions. Currently using 3 different versions of report per technician, grouping would let us use one per technician.

  • Adding my vote on this. It is limiting our ability to take SmartSheet to the next level and convert more things to SmartSheet.

    Thank you!