urgent help needed: chrome browser translates smartsheet german form because of <html lang="en">

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Hi all,

I need your help, because we have an seriously problem with smartsheet forms.

The smartsheet form is in german language but the htm code (ctrl-u) shows <html lang="en">.

This triggers an automatic translation in the chrome browser to german language and some colleagues have this enabled. The result is disastrous, there are german swearwords shown etc.

My profile is configured for GMT+2 Europe/Berlin and Deutsch and I am the owner of the sheet.

I am grateful for any help, kind regards, Joachim



  • Joachim MundJoachim Mund ✭✭✭✭

    here is a screenshot explaining the situation.

    the text in the first red circle is in the smartsheet form "in Form" and not "im Formular" which is a translation and although the others

  • Hello @Joachim Mund

    I see that you have opened a ticket with Smartsheet Support regarding this topic. At this time, this is the better route to take for your specific question.

    Kind Regards,


  • Jessie_INJessie_IN
    edited 10/18/21

    Hello @Joachim Mund,

    Is there already an answer for this question? I get a similar problem.


  • Joachim MundJoachim Mund ✭✭✭✭

    @Jessie_IN unfortunately not, they do not understand the problem 😣

  • Jessie_INJessie_IN
    edited 10/18/21

    @Joachim Mund too bad :-(, I am new to Smartsheet and I guess there is no way to change <html lang="en"> in the code source to another language. 😓

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