when I upload users from csv file, I got unreadable names, probably the wrong charset settings.

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I've tried severeal times, it's obvious Smartsheet saves those accounts as they were uploaded the first time, and there are no option to update those names in batch, and there are no options to edit one by one either until those users activate their accounts.

can anyone help with that? I asked technical support team 6 days ago, and there's no response yet since then.

it's very annoying.


  • Hi @HoraceZH

    If the initial upload was the first time that a Smartsheet account was created for that email address, then you're right, you won't be able to update the name until the user has logged in and approved being a part of your plan. (Or until they have logged in and updated this information themselves in their Personal Profile).

    There currently isn't a way to bulk update a names; you can bulk update permissions but the names will need to be adjusted individually. (See: Admin Center: Bulk Actions and More with User Management)

    You may want to reach out to the users you have added and provide them with the first link above so they know what to do once they have logged in for the first time. You could also provide this free onboarding webinar to your new users, as well.



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