COUNTIFS formula with OR and FIND formulas

Hello all!

I have a trouble with one formula. The idea is, that I need to find an engineer name in AT LEAST (that's why I am using OR) one of the columns. The problem is, that the second range is a contact list so I need to use a FIND formula. So the mix looks like this:

=COUNTIFS({WTE}, $[Task Name]@row, OR({Assigned}, FIND($[Task Name]@row, @cell)>0),

I know its incorrect, it writes to me that it's unparsable.


  • Parker Oxford
    Parker Oxford ✭✭✭✭✭

    Because of how COUNTIFS are read through, your OR function is being looked at as a range, with FIND being the criteria to search in that range.

    Your best bet may be to sum 2 COUNTIF functions together so that you can account for both instances.

    =COUNTIF({WTE}, $[Task Name]@row) + COUNTIF({Assigned}, FIND($[Task Name]@row,@cell)>0)
  • Thank you! But in that case it will count in both ranges and it will sum up. But I need the $[Task Name]@row counted only once (If its found in the first column, don't count it if its also in the second column). Thats why I was trying to use OR on the ranges.

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