Automatically Log On using Microsoft (bypass the logon screen)?

Every time I open a sheet in a new bowser (I use a shortcut in Chrome), I'm presented with the login screen. Is there a way to craft the link so that it automatically authenticates using Microsoft (bypass that screen)?


  • hollyconradsmith
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    Hi There @JeffMc ,

    Your Admin/IT team can set up single sign on for your org if you have an enterprise Smartsheet account:

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  • Thanks, we actually are using SSO with Microsoft Azure/365, but it still prompts me to click the Microsoft button when I open a sheet. I would like to not see that screen and click Microsoft, rather, have it automatically log me in using SSO.

  • I'm taking the lack of responses to mean that this it is not currently possible to inform the authentication process to use a specific provider when opening a smartsheet.

    IMO, this would be a useful feature, and would save clicks and time when opening sheets.