Report showing parent task?

Hello, I would like to get a report showing the parent tasks. Is it possible? Thank you


  • Hi Jlind,

    Here's how I go about it:

    Create a column for Parent Rows using the column formula: =JOIN(ANCESTORS([email protected]), ": ")

    This returns a string of the text of the parent rows concatenated together with the delimiter ":" (which is optional, use the delimiter of your choice, e.g., comma, semi-colon).

    When you create your report, include the Parent Rows column to display the parent rows with each task.

    In some cases, I like to take it a step further to include in my reports only the tasks at the lowest level (i.e., only those that do not have sub-tasks). I do this by creating a column for Count of Child Rows using the column formula: =COUNT(CHILDREN([email protected]))

    This returns a value of 0 for those tasks with no sub-tasks. Use this as a filter criterion for the report.

    ~ Annie ~

  • Thank you

  • This is great- thanks!!!