Automatically Add recent changes information to a row.

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I'm trying to look If there is an option to automatically update the changes happened in the worksheet from past 10 days in to new column (Lets assume the column name is "History_Past10Days")

Information I'm looking in this column(History_Past10Days): All the column Names updated from past 10 days

Ex: Sheet has 20 col's , Each column name col1,col2....... and after 20 col's the new column would be History_Past10Days and this column has information of the changes happened in that particular row from past 10 days if there are no changes from past 10 days this would be empty.

As mentioned in the above is it possible to do it in Smartsheet?



  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @hari_23

    Smartsheet doesn't currently use a separate column to store historical data, but depending on your plan type you could use the Activity Log of the sheet. You can use a date filter to show just the past 10 days and filter by change type, such as a cell change: