Formula Needed For Combining Rows with Exact Values in Separate Sheet

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I have a compliance tracker sheet that captures employee's HIPAA and FEMA certifications. I have been tasked with creating a dynamic view for their immediate supervisors. I have two separate views for FEMA and then HIPPA. However, I also have employees who have submitted separate reports for each individual FEMA module. And I would like in the dynamic view for these individuals to only appear once, however I am seeing an individual appear 5x (even if they have only 4 FEMA rows), there HIPPA row will appear too. So is there a formula or some type of way (whether creating a separate sheet/or running the view through a report) for me to combine these separate cells/rows into one row when the same individual submits multiple forms.

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    Hi @AlanBal

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    Yes, if there is something unique for each submitter that we could use to "connect" the records, we could use cross-sheet formulas and either VLOOKUP or INDEX/MATCH to collect it together in a so-called helper sheet.

    Make sense?

    Would that work/help?

    I hope that helps!

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  • Hello Andree,

    I figured I needed to follow a similar process, but the part where I am stuck on is that I need individual records from the same individual to be joined together under certain conditions. So is there a way or how would I create a dynamic view with set conditions? Ex: Alan has submitted 3 separate forms, 2 for FEMA and 1 for HIPPA. I need all the FEMA rows to be be joined in the dynamic view or a separate sheet so that each individual appears only once in the dynamic view. However, I have noticed that when I filter just for rows with FEMA in the dynamic view, an individual's HIPPA row will also appear.

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