Automated Document Generation and DocuSign mapping is here!

Jason DelValle
Jason DelValle Employee
edited 06/20/22 in Product Announcements

Hi Community, 

Smartsheet customers can now accelerate their processes by automating the creation of documents and DocuSign mapping within Smartsheet. With this new workflow action for document generation and DocuSign mapping, process owners can reduce manual steps for their team when generating invoices, purchase orders, project plans, agreements and more.

The workflow action for document generation is available for licensed sheet owners and admins on Business and up plans, while automated DocuSign mapping is available for Enterprise plans. 

Get started here

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  • markkrebs
    markkrebs ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Love this! One enhancement for document mapping would be that when a sheet is copied you wouldn't have to remap the PDF fields.

  • Thanks for the feedback @markkrebs! I highly recommend adding that enhancement request to our Smartsheet Product Feedback & Ideas page

  • Great news - thanks for the update

  • Hi Jason, We have followed the automation and document mapping guidelines but are consistently seeing an error in the automation block. However, when we edit the automation, there's nothing that appears out of order. The mapped document is just a fillable PDF, not a docusign workflow. We are able to successfully manually generate a document with that mapped pdf. Is there a permissions consideration we are missing?


  • Jason DelValle
    Jason DelValle Employee
    edited 08/09/22

    Hi @Yanina Kupava, if a mapping becomes invalid, e.g., due to a column on the sheet being deleted which had been mapped, automated workflows leveraging the mapping will no longer run. This will also trigger emails to be sent to sheet admins, alerting them that the workflow cannot run. To correct this issue, update the mapping by removing the deleted column or choosing another column. Then, open the workflow manager, click the kebab menu next to any workflows which reference that mapping, and click Activate.

    If your workflow is repeatedly being disabled, then we suggest running the workflow manually through the Document Builder UI to troubleshoot there.

    If neither of these approaches solves the issue, I recommend reaching out to support to troubleshoot further.

    I hope this helps!