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Read Only fields on emailed Request for Update



In my work case I would like the ability to send read-only fields on a Request for Update, to give context to the request and allow different parties to process their relevant information. They do not need to change any of the read-only information during the steps I en-vised, though they do need to enter some other information, and must be able to change the record details when within the sheet.

Locking the column is not really an option, as I do not want every user to have admin access to these sheets.

Perhaps, when editing the column properties, a checkbox could be added to make the field read-only for messages without the need to lock the column. See example.

n.b. I have considered using a calculated column using JOIN(), which would be locked and hidden, to be used when sending requests for update. However, this extra step is not ideal for two reasons. (1) I primarily manage this project and this extra complexity makes it harder for my colleagues to manage when I am not around and (2) We regularly export these sheets and this requires us to add a step to strip out the extra hidden fields, adding time, albeit small.

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  • MariaCurtis
    MariaCurtis ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited 03/24/23

    When submitting an update request using automation, we want some fields to be editable but other fields to be more for information purposes. I don't want to lock these fields on the main grid, because there are other points in the process where we may want users to edit those fields.

    We should be able to include fields as informational vs. editable in update requests so that users are clear which fields we need updates from them on.

    Here's a screenshot as an example. In the below approval request I'm testing, I only want the approver to be able to edit the field in red (at this stage in the process). Would be nice if the request could only include the other fields as informational and not be editable here. Maybe when selecting the fields when you create the automation, you can select them in the appropriate bucket: Informational or Editable.