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Log automated workflow actions on the Activity Log

tkp ✭✭✭

For compliance purposes, it would be helpful if the actions of automated workflows would log on the Activity log. For example, when automated messages are sent it would be helpful for the Activity Log to date and timestamp that action along with the name of the workflow.

Lots of us using SmartSheet need robust audit trails to show evidence of our compliance with certain regulations. To meet this obligation, I had to set up an additional automated workflow so that I also get the sent message and will then have to manually save each message to show regulators that it was actually sent.

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We agree that robust logging for the purposes of compliance is a critical feature. We are in the process of considering some improvements to automations and logging and will engage with customers to learn more about this requirement when the time is right. Thank you for the suggestion!


  • Hello,

    It would be great to add workflow / automation tasks and notifications to the sheet activity log. It would facilitate an audit trail.

    Thank you for considering.

  • I completely agree that this is a very much needed feature. Two major purposes would be served by having an audit trail of actions taken by SmartSheet automation: (1) when developing a new automation, especially one which involves multiple sheets, it would be VERY helpful for troubleshooting, and (2) for those of us accountable for results, having an audit trail is necessary to be able to prove compliance with our processes, and any applicable regulations (or even laws).

  • kchart
    kchart ✭✭

    Completely agree with all of these posts. A communication trail is key to verifying that a new user is building a system that is working as designed, that processes can be evaluated and improved when necessary - an important tool in establishing trust in Smartsheet's value to our university.

  • Kelly Ospina
    Kelly Ospina ✭✭✭✭✭

    I strongly agree. People often say "I never got anything" and I can't prove otherwise because the automated notifications aren't in the activity log.

  • Echoing others statements here, being able to verify automation with time stamping of when the message (in our case email) processed would be greatly beneficial.

  • Without a doubt, this would be incredibly helpful. We send quarterly messages out through automation, and seeing the additional data associated around how those are configured would be greatly appreciated.

  • Yes, this would be an excellent tool that I would use frequently. For example, I get two duplicate email update requests for a form submission and I am having trouble figuring out the criteria causing it to trigger twice.