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Automatically Sort Rows in Sheets

ro.fei ✭✭✭✭✭

As rows get added & cell values change, it would great if we could automatically sort them in the sheets themselves instead of having to set up reports. Adding the ability to do this in a workflow would be a fantastic addition. Right now we have to do it manually.

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On Roadmap · Last Updated

We love this idea! The ability to configure your sheet to automatically sort is part of our long-term roadmap. We'd like to learn more about your specific requirements; please add more information to this thread so we can understand how this feature will work the best for you.



  • marc4
    marc4 ✭✭✭✭
    edited 03/27/23

    We solved this problem with the api. We run a single line curl command every hour

    curl --silent "$Sheet_ID/sort" -H "Authorization: Bearer $token" -H "Content-Type: application/json" -X POST -d '{"sortCriteria": [{"columnId": $Column_ID, "direction": "ASCENDING"}]}


  • amorrow
    amorrow ✭✭
    edited 03/27/23

    I second this idea and think it would also be useful to be able to sort our columns in Card view.

  • lindsayjones
    lindsayjones ✭✭
    edited 03/27/23

    It would be helpful to be able to automatically sort rows within a column from highest to lowest - that way when we enter a new value, it will automatically sort within the columns after we refresh the page. As of now, whenever we enter a new value we have to remember to re-sort it every time.

  • Steven S
    Steven S ✭✭
    edited 03/27/23

    a sort function that is persistent

  • Matocanovic
    Matocanovic ✭✭
    edited 03/27/23

    It's only one more request for column auto sort or even an workaround.

  • Adrian Mandile CHESS
    Adrian Mandile CHESS ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited 03/27/23

    Hi @Audrey Howard,

    Is it possible for your sorting requirement to be achieved just by creating/using sorted Reports, instead of regularly re-sorting the underlying Sheets themselves. In this way the Sheet becomes a more 'background' data store of task 'records' (rows) as they are added (using Forms?) to the top or bottom of the Sheet.

    Reports are configurable to 'remember' up to 3 levels of sort by specified columns (and within Groups). A Report could also be configured to totally filter out the 'Completed' status items, or only ones that are overdue, etc.

    I find using Reports more instead of relying so much on only Sheets is a better way to direct the users' work.

  • D.W.
    D.W. ✭✭✭
    edited 03/27/23

    I agree with the above. The API seems like a lot of work. Heck - A workflow would work too - if I can default in a value, why can't I do an autosort that way as well?

  • TomG
    TomG ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited 03/27/23

    Hi Serena, are you still looking for input on sorting? I would be happy to schedule some time. This is a needed feature not only for myself, but our internal customers are current struggling with this issue as we have multiple folks working in a shared sheet with different sorting needs. They are constantly resorting every time they refresh their view which is happening many times a day.

  • Serena Batten
    Serena Batten Employee
    edited 03/27/23

    Hi Tom. Yes, I would still like to hear your thoughts on how you would like auto sorting to work. Please feel free to use this link to schedule some time. I look forward to hearing about your use cases in more detail.