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Copying Workflows between Sheets

kowal Overachievers Alumni

In my operational work I use Sheets as Action Trackers for all the countries we are implementing my project. When I was tracking about 5 countries I got the idea to create workflow that if any task is assigned to me the line is automatically copied to another sheet that is actually my Kanban Board so in one place I can see all my tasks etc. When I had about 10 countires I optimised it so when the action is moved to my kanban sheet with all task in the original one the status changes to "moved" (so I do not have to deal twice with the same task).

So I had to make 10 changes in each country...

Now I have 20 countries that I am tracking... and if any idea comes to me to optimise my workflow I will have to repeat it 20 times.

Can you somehow make it possible to copy Workflows between sheets? / Overwrite or copy as inactive etc. All my sheets look the same (same columns etc.) so I can optimise it only once and with one click button replace the workflow in remaining 19 country sheets.

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On Radar · Last Updated

Thank you for your feedback! While this is not currently available directly through the Smartsheet app, our advanced automation features in Bridge help with manual, repetitive tasks. Bridge would be a good solution for copying data between sheets and could really speed up your process.