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Rich Text formatting in cells



  • Jen Lawson
    Jen Lawson ✭✭✭✭

    It would be great if Smartsheet let you selectively strikethrough a piece of information in a cell, versus the entire cell. If Excel can do it, certainly Smartsheet should be able to!

  • I am not sure if there is another request or mention of this elsewhere but this suggestion is not only extremely relevant to text in cells but also in the comments!! Rich text formatting would be extremely helpful both in cells and in comments as there are no other real tools for note-taking in Smartsheet.

    I know this request is on the roadmap, glad to hear it and looking forward to what comes of it!

  • Would love to have the option to have formatting within the text boxes (option for bullets/lists/etc). This would help especially in the forms for our group.

  • svenu
    svenu ✭✭✭✭
    edited 05/02/23

    Hi Team,

    Is there a way we can make some of the text in a cell bold or italic versus making the whole cell bold? Attaching an example below for your reference:






    Sowmya Venugopal

    CI Analyst II, Niagara Bottling

  • Heather_Verde
    Heather_Verde ✭✭✭✭✭

    There is not a way, yet. That's part of this ask. 😊

  • jcyr55
    jcyr55 ✭✭

    I'm just here to vote yes on rich text formatting in text fields. Is there anyone that wouldn't like to have rich text formatting for text fields? 😃

  • DanATL
    DanATL ✭✭

    I had this ability in Airtable and not having it now is definitely limiting for my team of project/product managers.

  • Yes, this would be a huge improvement! Eventually being able to report, filter, etc on rich text would be great, but at this time even just having the ability to view rich text in my sheet would help tremendously!

  • For instance: the cell on the right is concatenated from three different cells, including the on the left, but you can see that the bold didn't transfer in the concatenation. It is not as easy to read without the bold

  • Omeeda
    Omeeda ✭✭

    yes please we need this feature. I need e.g.; to be able to bold only one word in the cell. but the whole cell getting bolded.

  • akrenek
    akrenek ✭✭✭✭
    edited 05/30/23

    I'm looking to hyperlink part of the text in a cell, like a specific word of the description details of a grant or product. Currently, I'm only able to hyperlink all text in the cell.

    Aleya Krenek

    Education Service Center Region 13

    Grants and Contracts Project Coordinator

  • Julie Becker
    Julie Becker ✭✭✭✭✭

    To add to this list would be the option to include/use the NEW ADDITIONAL FONTS as well that were recently added to the dashboards in order for all the dashboards/sheets/reports that get printed (some people do still do this lol) to be universal across the boards.

    Julie Becker ☠️

    Construction Project Engineer / Coordinator & Software Program Oversight Mgr. 😉

    Successful People Are Not Gifted; They Just Work Hard, Then Succeed On Purpose‼️

  • LStrong
    LStrong ✭✭

    Trello has recently added some basic text formatting tools that we find extremely useful. As noted by previous comments here, it would be ideal to have a text field where we could have Bolded, Italic, Bulleted/Numbered lists. Perhaps in a menu that would be similar to the attached here?

  • Adding my voice to this ask.

    We would like to use Smartsheet to track written copy content for our projects, but the inability to have different formats of text within cells is a huge limiting factor.

    We would like to put all text for a topic in a single cell. This includes titles, paragraphs, quotes, key words, etc. and requires at minimum the support of selective bold, italics, bold italics, bullet points and numbered lists. Support for multiple font sizes and selective font colour would also be an asset. We would be able to copy the text directly out of the cell and paste into another program (typically Adobe Illustrator or Indesign) to create our graphic panels.

    In our use case, each text piece is assigned a tracking number in a different cell of the same row to that all our content pieces can be sorted or filtered as needed. We are typically working with a hundred or so pieces of text that are each 1-2 paragraphs in length, so a database/spreadsheet system gives us the best overview and control vs. one large word processing document (cannot sort content) or multiple small word processing documents (cannot see full picture of the project). Bonus points if another cell on the same row could house all the related images/graphics that go with the content, but that is a different ask.