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Input data into sheet from a document

Amy Bedard
Amy Bedard ✭✭✭✭

I love the function of taking data from Smartsheet and generating a pdf. Is there a way to reverse that functionality? For example, this format is easier to work with in a team setting:

But I would like it to be uploaded to feed information back to the sheet in Smartsheet:

Thank you for consideration.

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  • I’d like a way to import data from a PDF form into my Smartsheet. Is there a way to reverse the Document Builder function?

    Instead of exporting the sheet data to mapped fields in a PDF form, I would like to have the ability to attach a form to the row and pull the data from the PDF form into the sheet. Currently, the only option is to copy and paste the data into the sheet. A possible solution would be having an option to populate sheet fields when attaching a file to the sheet.

    Customers are sent a Smartsheet form link to answer questions; however, some customers are unable to complete online forms and receive a PDF form. The PDF form contains the same fields that are in the Smartsheet form. After customer data is reviewed and finalized in the sheet, the Generate Document function is used to populate the PDF form as an attachment to the row.  In this case there would be an initial form submitted by the customer and the completed form generated by Smartsheet. 

  • Rob W.
    Rob W. ✭✭✭✭

    The document generator function of mapping field data to a PDF template is great, whereas intake forms are pretty limited when you have more than a handful of fields or these logically group in ways that don't translate to a vertical list of fields.

    Seems like if we can map row data to a PDF template as an output, it would be a pretty small step to reverse this and present the PDF view (almost literally as shown in the document generator editor) as an intake form interface.

    I could see form logic and font scaling getting interesting, but those seem like solvable problems.

    This would make intake forms much more intuitive when the data is mapped to a layout with some other visual cues about the desired output format.

    Hope this is both an easy enhancement and a value-add for the community.