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Hyperlink for mailto: in Reports, Dashboards and Grids

I've seen this topic come up a few times now, but couldn't find an enhancement request submitted. It would be nice to have the ability to link email addresses in Reports, Dashboards and Grids. The dynamic contacts in Smartsheet is a nice feature turning email addresses to a standard First/Last Name, but could we add the mailto: link when those dynamic contacts are created or even have the ability to create those hyperlinks with a formula?

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This is supported in Dashboards - email addresses added to a Rich Text Widget on a Dashboard are automatically converted into a mailto link. Please keep providing your feedback regarding emails as mailto links in sheets and reports below. If we believe we can make that happen for sheets we will update the status here to let you know. Thanks!


  • Cindi Meche
    Cindi Meche ✭✭✭
    edited 07/05/23

    Hi! I understand I am not the first person to request this, but it seems like a basic need. Can you provide the option for links in a dashboard to be an email address that opens up an email client?

  • Nikisha Mellstrom
    Nikisha Mellstrom ✭✭✭
    edited 09/14/23

    It would be nice to have the functionality to be able to create a button to send an email.

  • Kaysi McNichols
    edited 09/14/23

    To support greater business efficiencies for certain roles - enabling the "mailto" email URL on Dashboards would be a BIG WIN. (especially in the admin world) I would LOVE to be able to create organized/delineated shortcut widgets with clickable links that allow the user to immediately email PoCs.

  • AlexisV
    AlexisV ✭✭
    edited 09/14/23

    Agreed; this feels like a basic need for dashboards.

  • Elizabeth Gullam
    edited 09/14/23

    Adding my vote, this is a key need. Just had to explain to my team that I couldn't make this basic function work - they were NOT impressed.

  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi all,

    This is now available in Dashboards by using the Rich Text Widget!

    Any email address added to the rich text widget will be automatically converted into a mailto link. When dashboard viewers click on this link, their default email client will open, allowing them to easily compose and send a message to that email address.

    Note that mailto links will not be applied to existing rich text widget email addresses - you will need to edit and then save your existing widgets to apply the new feature.

    Mailto is not supported on mobile or desktop at this time, so please keep providing your feedback and scenarios to this thread for the Product team to review.

    Thank you!


  • Erica L.
    Erica L. ✭✭✭✭

    Can this be added to Forms too? I've learned in the past that we can't hyperlink a mailto email address in plain text at Forms.

    Thank you!

  • Anastasiia
    Anastasiia ✭✭✭

    So the link will automatically appear once it is added into the Rich Text widget ? I added the e-mail, but it is stated now as the plain text without any links. Did anyone face the same issue ?

  • I use SmartsheetGov and apparently the mailto feature for Rich Text Widget doesn't work. I know SmartsheetGov never gets the really useful features. Will this be changing in the near future? Also, I'm still waiting for conditional logic for Forms. This would be a great addition to the SmartsheetGov product and allow me to use Smartsheet for so many more forms. Right now I am forced to use Microsoft Forms because of this limitation.

  • Geilisa
    Geilisa ✭✭✭

    Finally this has been added and it is almost perfect. It works pretty good on Dashboards, still gives errors but if you ignore them it works. However, if you add the Dashboard to a WorkApp, the Mailto: link does not work at all.

    Getting closer!

  • The ability to encode email addresses and phone numbers as hyperlinks like Excel and other applications is still needed.

    We need this to work as a formula from the grid up through reports, dynamic view, work-apps etc.

  • Adding a comment to emphasize what others have already said - we need to be able to make email addresses and phone numbers clickable hyperlinks within basic grids.

  • Any word on if this will be available in SmartsheetGov? Currently the mailto: feature does not work on dashboards I create.

    Any help or insight is appreciated.