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Toggle Name OFF in Latest Comment Column

mistone ✭✭✭✭

Please add functionality to toggle Name or Commenter to off when a column is set to Latest Comment. For example:

"Park Approved 1/31" instead of "Mike Stone - Park Approved 1/31"

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  • It would be great to have a toggle option to make the Name of the person who added the more recent column in an auto-generated "Latest Comment" row not show.

    It would be helpful to see just the comment in the Latest Column. If someone wants to know how added the comment, they would be able to see it when they open up the Conversation panel. The current format makes it hard to see the information quickly.

  • This is also a feature that I would like... In the meantime, I use a column formula to hide the user's name:

    =IF(LEN([Latest Comment]@row) > 0, RIGHT([Latest Comment]@row, LEN([Latest Comment]@row) - FIND(" - ", [Latest Comment]@row) - 2), "")

    This basically determines the position of the " - " string and trims this section from the comment.

    Hope this helps!

  • mistone
    mistone ✭✭✭✭

    @tominwood -

    This is amazing. Thanks for sharing. I cut pasted the formula into my sheet and I get an #UNARSEABLE Error. Should it work if I cut and paste into my sheet or do I need adjust the syntax? Any guidance on how to fix the formula?

  • You need to change the "Latest Comment" text to match the column heading for your Latest Comment column. So if this is called something else you'll get an error (until you update the formula) :)

  • mistone
    mistone ✭✭✭✭

    @tominwood - Thanks for the correction! I have it working.

    Update: I'm able to use the formula but I now have 2 columns. 1 column is the Notes column and the 2nd column is the Notes column with the formula and it works.

    I tried using the formula in the notes column and it threw a #CIRCULAR REFERENCE error. Is there away to embed your formula in the notes column and eliminate the helper column? If not then I can it work with a helper column.

  • No, it relies on having that column unfortunately. So you can lock and hide the system-controlled Latest Comment column and just show the new one instead :)

  • mistone
    mistone ✭✭✭✭

    @tominwood -

    Thanks for confirming I set the columns up correctly. I'd rather have the hidden helper column and less noise in our comments field. Thanks for sharing the work around with me.

  • ckeyler
    ckeyler ✭✭

    The author's name of the latest comment in the latest comment field always appears before the actual comment. This can take up critical space in my sheets, making the latest comment column wider than it needs to be (Ex: Jane Doelonglastname - drawings completed on Thursday). It is useful to see who left the latest comment, but its not more important than seeing the comment that was made. I would like to have an option to toggle on or off, the author's name appearing before the comment in the edit column properties. Even if it was toggled off, and I want to know who make the comment, I can simply open the conversations window. Just would be a nice feature to tidy up sheets. What do you think?

  • @tominwood and @mistone THANK YOU!!! My name is so long and I'm so happy to not see it all over my sheet. :)