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Dynamic View Comments notifications for user without access to source sheet

Unfortunately, because Dynamic view does not support @mention for users not shared with the source sheet, this means that my 700+ users have to revert to email.

Is there a timeline for this feature to be added?


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  • Chloe H
    Chloe H ✭✭

    I am also interested in a resolution for that; because without it, it kind of makes the whole dynamic view counterproductive.

    Thank you

  • SrinidhiR
    edited 07/25/23

    I would like to have my external users access Dynamic View without having to give them permissions to the source sheet. I would also like for the email notification sent to the external users when they are tagged in the conversation to contain the link for the Dynamic View rather than the source sheet.

  • laurie_hays
    edited 07/25/23

    Having the updates to the main SS then provide the dynamic view link to users that created the SS row by means of the Dynamic View, would be beneficial and less confusing for the users.

  • We deal with a lot of private data in our sheets and use Dynamic View extensively to restrict access to what users can see. I was excited to learn that @mentions in Comments were possible but if they don't work in DV without sharing the sheet, then using Conversations has zero merit to us.

  • @mention does not work for users not shared on the sheet kind of defeat the whole purpose of having the conversations feature in dynamic view. Kind of frustrating, as it would be so good to have it working as it should be...

  • My organization needs this functionality as well. If a person makes a comment on a row (through Dynamic View), then they should be able to get notified of replies to their comment, even if they are not shared to sheet.

  • gwenjo
    gwenjo ✭✭

    Given that the whole point of Dynamic View is to allow different stakeholders to collaborate on a sheet they don't have access to, why does the Commenting feature not support communication between users who are not shared to the source sheet? It's a premium collaboration feature that doesn't support basic collaboration..

  • I agree this is an important update, and without it, Dynamic View is not a complete solution. We are also using it so that we can share a partial report without sharing the entire sheet. We still would like to be able to communicate using comments.

  • Same here!! I need more than just the 'creator' of the SS entry to view/update the information in the Dynamic View. How can I accomplish that??

  • Same as well, I am setting dynamic views for a new unified form in my organisation with different views based on their roles and the actions they need to take and I've just realised the comments will always point to the original sheet instead of their respective dynamic view.

    Replying to the email is an option, but it's almost invisible to users.

    I wish we could at least hide the option to go to the sheet and make the email reply more visible. Otherwise having the link lead back to the correct dynamic view would be best. I can see how that could be tricky leading individuals to the correct dynamic view if they have access to several though. I've not thought about it too much yet, but I'm sure there must be a smart solution to that.

  • JSpears
    JSpears ✭✭✭✭

    YES YES YES - That was the whole selling point to Dynamic View - for $18K this "selling point" of not having to share users directly to the source Sheets or reports should hold true. Same goes for the "can add a new row directly from Dynamic View" selling point - because again, there is a caveat that you likely won't know about until you purchase.

  • We recently purchased Dynamic View and was under the impression it would eliminate the need to share the source sheets and reports with the users directly. Us not having to share the source sheets/reports was going to be the big advantage of Dynamic View for our organization.

  • Adam Murphy
    Adam Murphy ✭✭✭

    It is frustrating to hear crickets in response to this (and so many other) enhancement request(s) while having zero visibility into the roadmap. These are EXPENSIVE premium services, we deserve more transparent support.

  • I'd like to add support for the inclusion of full collaboration functionality that's available in Sheets, to Dynamic View. I've built a great collaboration tool for 7 different school service providers supporting 14 different schools in 11 different states... But really without this feature, they can essentially view but not collaborate on specific students and/or teams for which they provide a service. I'm a long time Smartsheet user, and BIG fan with very few complaints. But I have to share the frustrations of the above users... This crosses industries.