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Sort By Conversation/Comment Timestamp


My team uses Smartsheet as a tool to track project work. Currently we have over 100 projects and we meet with project team leaders 2x a week to discuss progress on these projects. When meeting with these leaders, we view the projects on a Gemba board using the Card View. From a project management perspective, we use the grid view to keep track of progress being made. We rely on comments/conversations to determine which projects are actively being worked on and providing regular updates. Recently, I attempted to sort the grid view using the conversations. I wanted to sort by timestamp, but I discovered that is not a current feature. The only sorting available for conversations sorts the conversations by user name and this is not helpful. I created a manual workaround - adding a Last Comment column, entering the date of the last comment, and then sorting based on that date.

My idea is to create the ability to sort projects by conversation timestamps. That way, projects with recent conversations can be displayed at the top of the grid view, and older comments moving down the grid.

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  • PMO Sys Admin

    Looking for the ability to sort Conversations on a row, currently they are auto sorted oldest to newest, meaning you need to scroll down to see the newest comments. Would love the ability to sort newest to oldest?