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Allow display of destination sheet full name in the Edit Automation dialog when moving copying rows


This is a simple request to allow visibility to see or display the full name of the destination sheet in an existing automation.

Here is the use case:

1) I have created an automation whose action is to move or copy a row.

2) The name of a destination sheet that is selected is longer than what displays in the Edit Automation dialog

3) I am proofreading/troubleshooting an automation and want to verify the destination sheet

This simple quality control task is impossible to complete because there appears to be no way to display the full name of a destination sheet if the name is longer than what can be squeezed onto the Edit Automation dialog. Therefore, the only way to make sure that the destination sheet is correct is to edit the automation, search for the destination sheet again, select it and save the automation.

Or, once you know about this bug, you make sure that the first few words in any of your sheets is unique, which is not an intuitive way to be going about naming sheets (or files).

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  • Laurie D
    Laurie D ✭✭✭

    When reviewing a workflow that has rows moving to another sheet when triggered, I am not able to see the full name of the sheet the row is moving to. If I select change or edit, it opens an empty box and does not indicate what the current destination sheet is. We have rows that are moving off the main sheet and I am not able to tell where they are being sent.

    It would be great to be able to hover over the name of the sheet and have the full name visible. This would be particularly helpful when more than one person is using the workflow.

  • Marion Dubois

    I was checking which file was linked to an automation but cannot see the full name.

    Clicking on change bring me to a brand new search box.

    Please allow for the full name to be displayed when hovering on the file name

  • TraceyV
    TraceyV ✭✭

    Is there any update on this?

  • tcraig87446

    We need a way to view the destination of a Move or Copy Row action in Automated Workflows please.