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Automations: include attachments



  • wgtaylor17
    wgtaylor17 ✭✭✭
    edited 09/22/23

    This caught me guard the first time I created an automation using an alert. Using anything other than "When An attachment is: Added, Changed" as the trigger will not include any attachment links in the email.

    I would love an enhancement so if you have different triggers (I.E. When "status" changes to "complete") an alert would include links to any attachments in the email!

    This would be helpful for 3rd parties who don't have a Smartsheet account so they can view/download any related documents. For internal users they can just reference the original sheet.

    If anyone is interested in a work around here you go: Create a helper sheet and set up an automation to copy rows to the helper sheet when trigger point is reached. On the helper sheet, set up the desired alert using "When An attachment is: Added, Changed" as the trigger. When the rows are copied, Smartsheet will push out the alert with the attachment links included. The downside to this method is the alert will reference the helper sheet not the original sheet ☹️

  • Currently, there is no way to add an attachment to the Message only part of the workflow. We need this feature to be added, so we don't share the whole sheet with the users, instead we only want to share the attachment and a message. This is in the "Alert someone"

  • I vote for attachment capabilities as part of an automated message. I LOVE the generate document automation so much and the ability to change the sender on the automation.

    Now I just need the ability to tweak a few things and then have it fire off for the person to keep the document for their records. The update request workaround isn't great for my use case because these are users who do not have regular interaction with smartsheet so I don't want to confuse them.

  • Please add the feature to add an attachment to the 'Alert Someone' workflow.

    This will allow email recipients (contacts) to receive and view an attachment in addition to the subject/message of an email.


  • LDP
    LDP ✭✭

    I agree with everyone else. I'm running into this issue now and think this really needs to be a function added. The attachment to a row is great, but limited to almost useless without the ability to add it to a notification.