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Chart Labels: drag labels overlap & stacked column labels



  • I have business stakeholders who are misunderstanding charts because of this limitation. I need a way to configure labels such that they are superimposed on top of the segment (bar or column) of the data that they pertain to, not above it or to the side of it. That's confusing to have the label be outside the box it is referring to. Please address this! Thanks, David

  • Agree with previous members, need a solution to the stacked chart labels.

  • Ravi D.
    Ravi D. ✭✭✭


    The show value labels on charts, particularly stacked column charts, sometimes cause problems because of their placement at the top of the columns. Unless closely examined, this placement can cause users to interpret the value for the lower label as denoting the value of the label in which it appears, and in some cases, the value labels for the top column have been observed to be truncated. It would be helpful to be able to control the placement of these value labels in relation to the column, or at least to be placed in the middle of the corresponding column, instead of at the top.

  • Brianhl
    Brianhl ✭✭

    Smartsheet please address this. Correct placement and interpretation of data labels is fundamental. Your stacked bar and column graphs as not useable for executive audiences. It would be good to not have to export data out of Smartsheet to use other dashboarding solutions.

  • Jake Gustafson
    Jake Gustafson ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Excited to have enhanced functionality here. I've got a chart that cuts off the numbers and it continues to do the same if I make the widget full width or add the legend on the right. Can't tell the whole story with this.

    Any update on timing?

  • Gilopez
    Gilopez ✭✭

    SmartSheet Support Team,

    I'm writing to suggest a feature enhancement that would greatly benefit users like myself who rely on SmartSheet for reporting and data visualization purposes.

    Feature Request: Enable the ability to edit where a data label is placed in reporting.

    Currently, while working with charts and graphs in SmartSheet, the placement of data labels is automatically determined by the system. However, it would be immensely beneficial to have the option to customize the placement of these data labels according to our specific reporting needs.

    Use Case: In various reporting scenarios, the ability to control the positioning of data labels can significantly enhance the clarity and effectiveness of the presented data. For instance, in a bar chart comparing sales figures for different regions, users may prefer to display the data labels directly above each bar for easy reference. In contrast, in a pie chart representing market share, placing data labels inside the corresponding segments could provide a cleaner presentation.

    Proposed Solution:

    Implement a feature within SmartSheet's chart customization options that allows users to manually adjust the placement of data labels. This could include options to position labels above, below, inside, or outside of data points, as well as the ability to freely drag labels to desired locations within the chart.

    Thank you for considering this feature request. I believe that implementing customizable data label placement in reporting would significantly enhance the functionality and usability of SmartSheet for a wide range of users.

    Please feel free to reach out if you require further clarification or additional information regarding this request. I

    look forward to hearing your feedback on the feasibility and potential timeline for implementing this feature.

    Technical Project Manager

    Gigi Lopez