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The ability to omit blank fields in email notifications

When sending alerts and requests through automation, we currently have the option to send a message including either all fields, specific fields or the message only.

For my particular organisation(and i would imagine many others), none of these options work. We have dynamic forms that build themselves based on answers and then logic. Forms have anywhere between 75-150 fields, most of which are logic and formula driven. However, only between 10-25 of these will actually be filled in by users, with any remaining left blank.

The issue we then have is when email notifications are received, they contain all 75-150 fields regardless of whether they were filled in or not. This looks both untidy and makes the email extremely long. Printing becomes an issue too as the document stretches over many pages even though the answered fields could fit onto one.

We cannot use the "specific fields" option as the fields submitted will differ from form to form so an ideal solution would be an option to omit blank fields entirely.

This would be a huge quality of life improvement for many SS users.


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  • Kim Pruitt
    Kim Pruitt ✭✭
    edited 12/07/23

    When sending row information for automated workflows. It would be easier if only fields that contained data were sent. The idea is to include an option to "exclude when blank". The workflow creator will specify which fields they want sent over as they do currently. You just add a box that they can select if they don't want any blank fields sent. We have a form that users complete and there is field logic so that not all fields have data in them. The recipient of the form gets notified when the form is submitted and the data fields are sent over. Currently they are getting a lot of empty fields and it is time consuming to get to the relevant data.

  • Lani H
    Lani H ✭✭

    This would be beneficial for our team.