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In Calendar and Card Edit View, Hide Data in Hidden Columns

Currently in Calendar and Card view, all data from all columns is visible when you double click on a line item. It would be great if data in hidden columns was not shown in the Card or Calendar edit view, or if there was a way to select what was visible in the edit view.

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  • Currently, you can hide fields in the card view by editing the card settings. This is useful to summarize the contents of the card. However, once you click on the card to edit specific fields, it shows EVERYTHING. I would like to have the ability to hide fields in the editable card view just like we can hide fields in the Grid view.

  • dillionbucks
    dillionbucks ✭✭
    edited 01/08/24

    Agreed. This is a pain. Hopefully this can get implemented in the near future

  • ChrisUPC
    ChrisUPC ✭✭✭✭

    I agree with you. This seems like it should be a fairly simple thing to do. Especially when it's a report and you have already limited the columns in the report. Yet it's been requested for years with no implementation yet. I've seen some cumbersome work arounds like creating another sheet that collects only the data you want to show but that just creates too much work.

  • Stu Benoff
    Stu Benoff ✭✭✭✭

    Recently learned that when you hide columns on a sheet they are only hidden on the grid and gantt views but they are not hidden on the card and calendar views. This request is to add consistency to the product so that hidden columns work the same across all views. Hidden means hidden across all views.