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Workflow Administration in Control Center Global Updates

Sing C
Sing C ✭✭✭✭✭✭

I would love to see the ability to create, update, and administer workflows in Control Center provisioned projects. A few use cases:

  1. We recently completed our implementation of Control Center and migrated our live projects into the new framework. Some of the blueprint templates have alerts configured and it would have been hugely powerful to have a mechanism to deactivate them in the template, provision the ~100 projects we have, migrated the data (which would lead to some workflows triggering if they were enabled), then do a wholesale reactivation of the workflows. We made a decision after our data migration to deactivate some of the workflows (due to the volume of notifications being generated to shared sheet users) and we had to go into the sheets whose workflows we wanted to disable and do them one workflow at a time across ~100 projects.
  2. This ability to deactivate and activate workflows across the system would be beneficial in the day-to-day operational environment as well.
  3. Would be great to be able to create a new workflow in a blueprint template (or edit an existing workflow) and use Global Updates to cascade that to live projects.

Sing Chen

Process Architect, Ceridian


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While managing workflows through global updates is not part of our current plan, we appreciate you sharing this idea. Please keep commenting to explain your specific use case as we gather more information – your feedback plays a big role in shaping our decisions for the future.