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Editing rows with forms is the #1 missing feature


I know this is not a new topic, there are many questions and discussions on this already. But me and my end users really need a form view for modifying existing rows. My rows contain over 250 columns in the database I'm building. If I could create different form views to modify rows with, my efficiency would probably increase 25%, or more. Plus, I really have no efficient way for end users to request database updates. The update request function does not work for end users, or even back end power users, for that matter, it's just not very useful. I have to have this many columns to generate the various documents I'm producing with document generator (amazing function).

I know there are ways to create other sheets that could be populate with rows that then get moved to my database to work as sort of a database update. But to do it that way is clunky and frankly it's simply a workaround not a solution.

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Using a form template to drive row editing is something we're definitely looking into. While it's not currently on our roadmap, we are in discussion for how we might bring this capability to our customers. If we have more to share on this idea we'll update the status here, but in the meantime please continue to share your personal scenarios in the comments below.



  • David Lewis
    David Lewis ✭✭✭


    I am pretty sure this is not a "new" idea, as there is a lot of discussion already about it. However, I wanted to post this to ensure my feedback has been logged.

    There are a lot of times when it would simplify development to have a form able to update an existing row in a smartsheet, based on a unique identifier selected in the form. Currently submitting a form with a unique identifier will simply create a new row in the smartsheet. HOWEVER, it would be great if you could select as functionality for the form to match a value in an existing column, and then update select fields with the form data.

    No charge for the idea :) a lot of people will be happy if you build this.

  • Robert_Nich

    This is such a basic function...I don't understand why this is not implemented.

  • Lin Hasbullah
    Lin Hasbullah ✭✭
    edited 05/17/23

    Currently whatever information from a form will be copied to a new row. I just thought that it would be great if the information from the forms which we have created in one sheet; can be consolidated in one row (the same row), so that we can send different forms to different persons but all information still falls under the same record. I know that we can opt for "request for updates" action but other information which was provided earlier (by others) can still be edited if the "action to update" is to be done by the owner/admin of the sheet.

  • Kyle Fritz
    Kyle Fritz ✭✭
    edited 07/14/23

    I agree, please build.

  • A.J.
    A.J. ✭✭✭✭✭✭
    edited 07/14/23

    There are workarounds for this, but it makes things way complicated. Having a simple way to accomplish this would be great!

  • ross chambers
    ross chambers ✭✭✭✭✭

    the ability to have forms add data to cells in a row that already has information in other columns of that row

  • bhammond
    bhammond ✭✭✭

    This ability would be so useful. Smartsheet, please add this feature!

    @A.J. Do you have any loopholes/workarounds that you would recommend?

  • Kyle1234

    I would like to request an option for a form to modify an existing row, identification based on a column of the users choice. I can write the script for you. It can't take more than a dozen lines.


    Set Target1 = User_Input 'Project 1

    For each cell in Range("Project") 'Column 1

    txt = cell.value

    If txt Like Target1 Then

    Set Target_Range = cell.EntireRow

    Exit Sub

    End If

    Next cell


  • LesliePaulus

    agreed. basic function that really should be on the smart sheet roadmap. kind of amazing that it's not at this point.

  • bhammond
    bhammond ✭✭✭

    Hi all! Please try creating a workflow where the action is "Request an Update". This will allow the owner to send them certain field (or all fields) to edit within a form. This is a pretty decent workaround for this function.

  • Michael VerHoef

    I would like users to be able to select a project from a dropdown list and then have the form auto populate fields with the data in that corresponding project row. Ideally, the user would then be allowed to update however many fields needed and submit the form to update the sheet.

    Current functionality seems to limit forms to creating new sheet rows instead of updating existing ones.

    For timeline reference, I've seen requests for this in the forums dating back to 2019.

  • AuRedneckPrincess
    AuRedneckPrincess ✭✭✭
    edited 02/15/24

    Yes Please, this would be awesome. my guys input alot of information on a form and only need to update information also present on the form, not other column that are not applicable to them. this would definitely help with maintaining data integrity if they are only seeing and working with columns that they need, and not all the other stuff.

  • gregjohnsondsm43126

    I agree with others, this is the #1 missing item from our company perspective. It basically means that a sheet can only really have a single form. And for many things there is an initial form to setup the row with original data. Then a workflow to get others to respond to it and add additional color to the issue. And maybe a third or fourth for the quality group to resolve or close the issue. I don't see a simple way to do that without using the 'edit' feature. And that then simply begs the user to edit or 'adjust' all the fields. Not what is wanted.

  • gregjohnsondsm43126

    Another important option would be to allow a form to be populated with SOME data from a row, more from the user and then generate another row in a different sheet.

  • gtpace

    Absolutely! SS is essentially a database. Since dBase III in the 1980's the DBA was able to create database edit forms. Users should not have to (nor be allowed) to access the raw database tables to edit them - a recipe for disaster. You have 50% of the solution with Forms which execute inserts. The request updates function goes a bit further, emails a link to a form to specified users requesting their update on a record. Just a little bit further will complete the need -- edit forms that can be invoked, say from a URL, just as Forms are. Allow the sheet owner to select and arrange fields in any order, so that horizontal screen space is used efficiently (not just stacked fields as request updates does). Thanks!