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More Gantt Timeline Display Options


Due to limited screen space, I find the available Timeline Display options either far too dense to be useful, or too expansive.

I propose:

  • more Zoom settings. my issue is really that the zoom settings correspond to the heading incremements. my usability issue would be mostly resolved with more zoom level granularity.
  • more week and month heading options. E.g. "D" for December"
  • more Secondary Heading increment options, to be able to align to Scrum/Agile sprints. E.g. 2wk, 3wk periods, etc.

Thanks in advance for consideration,


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  • Mher89
    Mher89 ✭✭

    In settings -> timeline display -> Heading, I would like to see an option for third heading. Our company represents multiple known retail brands like Nike and Hugo boss and it would be a really good feature for our projects to have a 3 header options. I would put first as month year and then week number followed by day of the week in number. It would be great if you could add this feature. Thanks.

  • Alvarj3
    Alvarj3 ✭✭

    100% agree with you Joe.

    I love the Gantt view, and it's powerful to see how things are connected and driven by each other fast. Obvious when you consider that humans aggregate visual content 60,000 times faster than text, and 90 percent of information transmitted to the brain is visual!!!

    The great thing about Asana and MS Project is the ability to titrate the zoom for the best resolution. My Gantt is either super condensed or expanded too far to be helpful.

    @Smartsheets - Please implement some better zoom control 🙏

  • kck
    kck ✭✭

    The ability to add headers to the Gantt Chart and Calendar View to represent a grouping of dates (i.e. Sprints, Quarters, Fiscal Year, School Year).

  • Bmullan
    Bmullan ✭✭
    edited 02/19/24

    It would be incredibly beneficial if the Gantt chart functionality could be expanded to allow for more headings, fiscal year, etc. There is a need for a dedicated timeline feature within Smartsheet. Currently, to create detailed timelines, many of us have to rely on external tools, such as Microsoft Timeline. This is not efficient and typically does not produce a quality output without a lot of effort.

    Most leaders do not want to look at the details of a Smartsheet. Having an integrated timeline function would enable us to share the big picture of our projects and communicate timelines clearly with all stakeholders.

    These enhancements would significantly elevate the user experience, improve efficiency, and keep Smartsheet competitive in the rapidly evolving field of project management tools.

  • Levitch

    It would be useful to have a function to include multiple Secondary Headings in Project Settings -- Gannt Timescale Settings.

    Currently you can only choose one secondary heading which shows either day of week or date, but it would be much easier to read the schedule if we are able to display both 'day of week' and 'date' simultaneously under the Primary Heading.